§ 108.9. Reinspections.  

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  • An inspection fee may be assessed for reinspection, as determined by the Building Official, for any of the following reasons:


    The portion of work for which inspection is requested is not complete;


    Corrections given by the Building Official are not completed;


    There is inadequate work site access preventing inspection;


    The inspection record card is not posted or otherwise available on the work site;


    The approved plans are not available for the inspector;


    Work has deviated from the approved plans and has not been approved by the Building Official.

    This Section is not to be interpreted as requiring additional hourly inspection fees the first time a job is rejected for failure to comply with the requirements of this Code.

    To obtain reinspection, the applicant shall pay the hourly inspection fee in advance, as provided in Section 107.9.

(Ord. 2016-0053 § 2, 2016.)