§ 107.3. Standard Plans.*  

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  • The Building Official may approve a set of plans for a building or structure as a "standard plan," provided that the applicant has made proper application, submitted complete sets of plans as required by this Section, and paid the plan checking fee required by Section 107.2, or $169.20, whichever is greater.

    Plans shall reflect laws and ordinances in effect at the time of issuance of a permit except as provided herein below in this subsection. Nothing in this subsection shall prohibit modifying the permit set of plans to reflect changes in laws and ordinances which have become effective since the approval of the standard plan. The standard plans shall become null and void where the work required by such changes exceeds five percent of the value of the building or structure.

    When it is desired to use an approved "standard plan" for an identical structure, two plot plans and one duplicate plan shall be submitted and a plan checking fee equal to 70 percent of the full plan checking fee required by Section 107.2 shall be paid at the time application is made for such identical structure. Such duplicate plans shall be compared, stamped and kept on the project site. In case of deviation from this standard plan, except as permitted in this subsection, complete plans, together with a full plan checking fee, shall be submitted for the proposed work.

    Standard plans shall be valid for a period of one year from the date of approval. This period may be extended by the Building Official when there is evidence that the plans may be used again and the plans show compliance with this Code and all other applicable laws and ordinances.

    (Ord. 2013-0048 § 2, 2013; Ord. 95-0065 § 3 (part), 1995.)

    *  Editor's note: Fee changes in this section were made by the Director of Public Works due to increases in the Consumer Price Index and are effective July 1, 2018.

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