§ 107.18.2. Definition.  

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  • For the purpose of this Section, certain terms are defined as follows:

    "Factory-built Housing" shall mean structures which meet all of the following criteria: fabricated on an off-site location under the inspection of the State; for which the state inspection agency has attested to compliance with the applicable State laws and regulations by the issuance of an insignia; bearing the State insignia and which have not been modified since fabrication in a manner that would void the State approval; and for which the County of Los Angeles has been relieved by statute of the responsibility for the enforcement of laws and regulations of the State of California or the County of Los Angeles.

    "Unit" shall mean a single factory-assembled component of the factory-built housing brought to the jobsite for connection to the foundation and/or connection to other units of the structure.

(Ord. 95-0065 § 3 (part), 1995.)