§ 107.12. Refunds.  

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  • In the event that any person shall have obtained a permit and no portion of the work or construction covered by such permit shall have been commenced, and such permit shall have been canceled either as provided for in Section 106.5.4 or Section 107.11, the permittee, upon presentation to said Building Official of a request therefor, in writing, shall be entitled to a refund in an amount equal to 80 percent of the fee actually paid for such permit.

    When approved by the Building Official and upon verification of eligibility, a refund may be processed provided the request has been submitted no later than one year after the expiration date of the permit.

    No portion of the plan checking fee shall be refunded, unless no review has been performed on a set of plans, in which case 80 percent of the plan checking fee shall be refunded.

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